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About Me

I started my career 35 years ago as a physical health director at Bellwood Health Services, a world leading hospital for addictions and mental health. From that experience I became fascinated by the Mind-Body connection which took me back to school studying and practicing Psychology where I spent ten years as a Resident Psychotherapist at Bellwood. Since 2005 I have been in private practice  working with groups, individuals, couples, and families. 

Early in my Psychology career I began working with Dr. Peter Yam, a Doctor of Chinese Medicine who was achieving amazing results with his clients especially with Anxiety and Trauma. His work inspired me to study Eastern Medicine and Philosophy which I have continued to this day. Over the past 25 years I have extensively studied Taoism, Buddhism and Zen having completed the Science of Mindfulness program from Dr. Ron Seigel of Harvard Medical school as well as having the privilege working with numerous Monks and Zen Masters including Lamna Samten of Montreal's Paramita Centre. My practice has been integral in helping me live my best life and it is my passion to share the practice with others. I have taught Mindfulness and Mediation for over twenty years in weekly groups and I have developed numerous programs over the years for Stress and Anger Reduction as well as Emotional Regulation. I currently run those programs weekly for members of the Canadian Military, police services, fire fighters and other first responders. 

I have also done extensive work as a speaker and presenter in the subjects of Mindfulness, Trauma, Stress, Anxiety, Anger, Communication, and Optimal Performance. Some of the organizations I have presented to included; Traumatology Institute, Bellwood Health Services Inc., Westover Treatment Centre, Edgewood Health Network, Toronto District School Board, CGI, Symantec, Canadian Military, and the Canadian Addiction Intervention Association. I am also the Co-founder of Mindfulness for Men, an organization dedicated to helping men achieve their best selves in the face of the challenges of life at work, home, and in our communities.


Current Endeavors 

Board of Directors - Trauma Practice

Trauma Practice is a registered charity helping to raise funds for research, education, therapy and counselling for trauma survivors and their families. 

Co-Founder of 

Mindfulness for Men is an organization dedicated to providing resources and opportunities for men 

Presenter and Therapist at the Traumatology Institute

Developing and presenting workshops as well as providing individual therapy for clients suffering from PTSD and other trauma related symptoms.

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