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Anger Regulation Course

Next Course Date: TBA

Anger is a normal human emotion that helps us survive. In healthy amounts it can be motivating and invigorating. Unfortunately for many of us anger has become chronic and out of control. In Native American Culture anger is referred to as the “emotion that rots the spirit.” When it is present for long periods of time it becomes a toxic energy that literally poisons its host. It festers, brews and accumulates staying inward and leading to depression and physical deterioration and/or it seeps outward manifesting in harmful words and behaviors. Of course it can also be explosive resulting in catastrophic consequences. In today’s culture anger is everywhere! Whether it’s at work, school, in your car or at the shopping mall, anger can be felt.  From daily frustrations to violent outbursts - every age, gender, culture and socio- economic group is affected. 

In this course we will help you to:
•    Learn to understand your anger and its consequences, purpose, payoffs, and triggers.
•    Learn the eastern concept of balance and how it can be applied to your everyday life.
•    Learn how your personality factors, and belief systems that influence your anger.
•    Learn the P.R.E.A.C.H.© model of strategies that can be applied to any situation.
•    Learn a unique model of communication allowing you to express your anger for healthy outcomes.
•    Learn a simple Anger Plan that will give you back control over your stress and anger.
A comprehensive five week anger management course developed by Derek Shin M.A., Reg. Psychotherapist.  Derek has been teaching this course for over fifteen years to men and women from all walks of life.  The content of the course draws from his unique knowledge base as well as his own 20-year journey of mastering stress and anger issues.
Start enjoying your life again!
A course that will help you or your client feel:

•    Less angry, frustrated and irritable.
•    Less anxious and stressed
•    More calm and able to relate to family, friends and co-workers.

Session One: Understanding  Anger – Introduction to Mindfulness

Session Two: Anger Triggers, SUDS Scale and Mapping

Session Three: Energy Model, Understanding the Nervous System

Session Four: Emotional Regulation, including grounding and DBT techniques

Session Five: Spirit and Inspired Action, the relationship between  Beliefs, Expectations, Control, SUDS and Anger

Session Six: Acceptance, Wu Wei and Beliefs: Perfectionism, Competitiveness, Pleasing, Care Taking, and Fixing.


Session Seven: Ego, Suffering, Humility, Exploring Empathy, Compassion, and Forgiveness

Session Eight: Communication and Application

Location: Online Zoom

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