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Customized Workshops for your Company or Organization.

For Twenty Five years I have been providing Educational Workshops and Seminars for numerous Corporations and Organizations. The sessions can be anything from a One Hour Discussion/Demonstration to an Eight Week In-Depth Program. There are a wide range of topics we could cover including:


Mindfulness for Optimal Performance
This workshop will help you understand the science and practice behind Mindfulness and how to utilize the practice to be your best on the job and at home.


Stress Reduction
Stress is a modern-day epidemic. It’s estimated the over 70% of all visits to Doctors are related to some form of stress. Learn how to regulate your stress levels with some simple everyday practices.


Emotional Regulation or Emotional First Aid
What do you do when our emotions seem out of control? This workshop will teach you some simple processes to regulate Anxiety, Frustration, Sadness, Grief, and Depression.


Anger and Anxiety - Harnessing your Inner Power
Anger and Anxiety are both powerful forms of energy that are often associated with destructive outcomes. Learn how to harness this inner energy for creative and productive results.


Click here to book a consultation and start designing a Workshop based on your group’s needs.





Some of the organizations we’ve worked with:

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