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Stress Reduction Course

Next Course Dates: TBA

Stress management is not about eliminating stress from your life, it’s about making it work for you!

Stress is a natural response of your body to it’s environment. In moderate levels, stress promotes growth and strength. It is invigorating and motivating! In excess levels, however, stress depletes the body of energy resulting in physical and emotional distress and/or disease! In fact it is estimated by the World Health Organization that 75-90 % of all visits to primary care physicians are for Stress related problems!


Managing your stress will help you achieve:
•    Healthier Relationships
•    Less Anxiety    
•    Increased Feelings of Happiness    
•    Increased Energy    
•    Increased Production at Work    
•    Less Body Pain and Illness

Learn how to:     
•    Recognize when stress levels are becoming unhealthy    
•    Alter your environment in order to reduce and optimize your stress    
•    Change your stress producing thoughts and perceptions
•    Utilize coping strategies to deal with everyday stressors

Day 1  
Introduction and Course Overview
Understanding Mindfulness – the Science and Practice
Understanding Stress – establishing a working definition
Understanding your Nervous System – Fight, Flight, Freeze 
An introduction to Daily Practice 
Mindfulness Exercises and Homework

Day 2

An introduction to Mapping and the SUDS scale
Introduction to a comprehensive Stress Regulation Plan, Including:  
Breathing and Grounding Exercises
Perspective and Re-framing Techniques

Mindfulness Exercises and Homework

Day 3

Exploring Triggers, Beliefs, and Expectations
Understanding the Power of Acceptance Practices

Mindfulness Exercises and Homework

Day 4

Understanding Science of Energy and Inspired Actions 
Understanding Ego and the Power and Practice of Humility.
Exploring Empathy, Compassion, and Forgiveness. 

Mindfulness Exercises and Homework


Day 5
An Introduction to “Flow Communication”. 
A Review of Overall Strategy

Application Exercises

Location: 170 The Donway West, Suite 404, Toronto, ON M3C 2G3

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